4 Summer Sandal Trends I’m Loving

When I find a pair of sandals I love, I try to buy them in every color. And then once they start to fall apart, I go online only to realize they don’t make that style anymore and my heart is broken. Anyone else?

Aside from the standard sandals I have in my shoe closet (flip-fops for the beach, a comfortable sandal I can walk in, and then a nice pair or two of “dressy” sandals), I typically buy something trendy each summer. This year, my “trendy” pair were Birkenstocks. Which yes, I realize these have been around forever and I wore the Payless knock-offs myself back in grade school, but just like every other trend of my youth, they are back in style this year.

Below I’m sharing a few of the summer sandal trends I’ve been seeing everywhere, ranging from beachy rattan sandals to platform sandals. Which of these summer sandal trends is your favorite?

Rattan Sandals

I love a good rattan accessory, especially during the summer. This year my favorite rattan accessory was this super affordable crossbody bag from Target (IYKYK, it’s always sold out), but next on my list is a pair of rattan sandals or wedges. While you can obviously get rattan sandals in any color (the fabric will just be dyed), I prefer the natural beige or white look myself.

rattan sandals for summer

Giovanna Raffia Slide Sandal | Adapt Raffia Slide Sandal | Aldona Ankle Wrap Wedge Sandal | Hapi Slide Sandal | Dolce Vita Penny Sandal | Chase Raffia Embellished Buckle Detail Platform Wedge Espadrille Sandals | Nice Raffia Demi Wedge Thong Sandals


People either love or hate Birkenstocks, but one thing is true — they are comfortable! I personally like the look of them, and they have so many different styles that veer from the traditional, bulky, two-buckle style. While I wouldn’t pair these with a fancy dress or anything, I wear mine with everything from denim shorts and a blouse to bike shorts and a tank top.

birkenstock sandals for summer

Arizona Big Buckle Slide Sandal  | Madrid Big Buckle Slide Sandal | Mayari Birko-Flor Sandal | Essentials Arizona Waterproof Slide Sandal | Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal | Franca Soft Footbed Slide Sandal | Arizona Slide Sandal

Strappy Sandals

I never was big into the gladiator sandal trend back in the day, and instead wore what I referred to as “strappy sandals”. So think of this trend as the more sophisticated, less tacky version of the gladiator sandals of years past. Thin, slinky straps look nice paired with dresses with leg slits (another trend this summer).

strappy sandals for summer

Baylor Ankle Strap Sandal | Ashlyn Square Toe Strappy Sandal | Brenndie Sandal | Princey Strappy Sandal | Monnie Ankle Wrap Sandal | Fluxx Sandal | Karsyn Strappy Slide Sandal

Platform Sandals

This trend takes me back to my youth of the black Steve Madden stretchy sandals (IYKYK), but in a more modern way (thankfully). As a shortie, platform sandals are a great way to add height without the pain of high heels with no support in the front of the shoe.

platform sandals for summer

Margo Platform Sandal | Brandie Platform Slide Sandal | Bubblegum Platform Sandal | Lunna Platform Ankle Strap Sandal | Ariane Platform Slide Sandal | Karlotta Platform Sandal | Clairo Strappy Platform Sandal

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