What’s Your Christmas Decor Style?

One of the keys to successfully finding items for your home is knowing your home decor style. This rings especially true if you’re buying online — knowing what terms to use when searching will help narrow down your search and save you time. For example, typing in “modern bedroom decor” and “traditional bedroom decor” will yield you very different results.

With the overload of Christmas decor options out there, I find it easier to comb through all the products by knowing what my Christmas home decor style is (or styles — you can realistically have multiples). In this post, I hope to help you uncover what your Christmas decor style is by featuring items from various retailers, inspiration photos, and a brief description of each style.

So — what’s your Christmas decor style?

What's Your Christmas Decor Style

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Vintage Christmas Decor Style

Vintage Christmas decor, sometimes also referred to as “old fashioned Christmas” or “retro Christmas”, features styles that were popular years ago that give a nostalgic and sentimental feel. Think back to your childhood Christmas decor — many of those staples are likely considered vintage now and would fit this home decor style.

Vintage Christmas decor examples include bottlebrush trees, retro ornaments (like Shiny Brite), Santa Claus figurines, dishware or glassware from your parents or grandparents, ceramic Christmas trees, dehydrated orange garland, popcorn garland, tinsel, and finial ornaments.

Some purists will argue that vintage Christmas decor has to be authentic pieces from the past few decades, while others don’t care about that and buy currently-produced items with the vintage flair/style to them. There’s no wrong way, just a matter of preference!

vintage christmas decor style

Christmas in the Country Figural Tree Cookie Jar | Pine Tree Prints | Vintage Truck Ornament | Striped Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Set | Holiday Classics Garland Dinner Plates | Snowy Village Santa Mug | Bottle Brush Tree Set | Retro Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament

Woodland Christmas Decor Style

Woodland Christmas decor pays tribute to natural outdoor elements. When it comes to this decor style, think of items that are rustic, earthy, and natural.

From time to time, I’ll see it also referred to as “rustic Christmas decor” or even “farmhouse Christmas decor”, but I feel that those two terms have more in common than either with the original name.

Woodland Christmas decor includes items found in nature (pinecones, acorns, mushrooms, berries, branches, greenery, wood, snow, faux fur) and woodland animals (deer, bears, rabbits, owls). Burlap is a common fabric found in woodland decor and natural, real greenery is always a nice touch if available.

woodland christmas decor style

Handcrafted Acorn Cluster Ornament | Rabbit with Mushrooms and Bottle Brush Trees Ornament | Pinecone Vase Filler | Lit Birch Trees | Rustic Forest Stoneware Dinner Plates | Driftwood Snowflake Wall Art | Lit Faux Flocked Mini Pine Wreath

Traditional Christmas Decor Style

Traditional Christmas decor is likely what most people think of when they hear the word “Christmas”. It’s the classic red and green color palette (sometimes with gold thrown in), standard Christmas motifs (like angels and bells), and doesn’t cater to anything too trendy. Sometimes it’s referred to as “classic Christmas decor”, and shouldn’t be confused with vintage Christmas decor which we touched upon earlier.

Some examples of traditional Christmas decor includes Christmas villages, stockings, wreaths, garland, angels, candy canes, reindeer, bows, poinsettias, and bells. Plaid and checkered patterns are commonly seen, as well as velvet and other luxe fabrics. I tend to fall into the camp of traditional Christmas decor, which allows me to reuse the same decor items year after year just swapping in a few new pieces that catch my eye.

traditional christmas decor style

Classic Green Tartan Salad Plates | Classic Greenery Faux Wreath | ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Doormat | Battery Operated LED Christmas Candolier | Holiday Village Shatter-Resistant Christmas Tree Ornament Set | Poinsettia Square Throw Pillow | Classic Light-Up Silver Church

Modern Christmas Decor Style

Modern Christmas decor features neutral shades, clean metallics, and an overall sense of simplicity (sometimes it’s even referred to as “minimalist Christmas decor” or “Mid-Century modern Christmas decor”).

Modern Christmas decor can be found at stores like Crate and Barrel and West Elm, which almost exclusively carry home decor in this style. Examples of modern decor pieces that you would display during Christmas include understated figurines, solid-color ornaments, marble and brass elements, and round shapes. Often times these pieces can stay up all winter long since they aren’t exclusive just to Christmas.

modern christmas decor style

Modern Lacquer Nutcrackers | Modern & Bright Salad Plates | Metallic Decorative Lacquer Trees | Brass Metal Reindeer Objects | White Lacquer Snowman Figurine | Radiant Metallic Christmas Ornaments | Metal Angel Christmas Figurine

Glam Christmas Decor Style

Glam Christmas decor features avant-garde style that looks expensive and luxurious. Sometimes you’ll also see this referred to as “chic Christmas decor” or even “feminine Christmas decor”. The color schemes for this style can vary, but it often features the classic black and white palette with metallic accents (rose gold, champagne, and silver).

Some examples of glam Christmas decor items are metallic ornaments, mercury items, jewel tones, crystals and sequins galore, velvety textures, feathers and fur, and beaded accents.

glam christmas decor style

Jeweled Snowflake Ornament | Sequined Fabric Cone Christmas Tree Sculpture | Glitter Santa Head Ornament | Shimmering Tinsel Christmas Decorative Wreath | Flocked Sitting Deer Animal Christmas Figurine | Embroidered Starburst Snowflake Stocking | Gem Starburst Tree Topper

Scandinavian Christmas Decor Style

Scandinavian Christmas decor, also sometimes referred to as “Scandi Christmas decor” or “Nordic Christmas decor” features the colors, shapes, and figurines from the Nordic region. It often is associated with a neutral palette, cozy/Hygge feel, and natural elements. Often, the red-and-white color palette is prominent alongside woody neutrals (off-white, white, and brown tones).

Some examples of elements to use when decorating your home for Christmas with this style are paper or felt ornaments, gnome figurines, wooden accents (like garland), heart and star shaped items, candles on the tree, knit stockings, straw elements, ceramic houses, birch logs, and pine greenery.

scandinavian christmas decor style

Nordic Trees Doormat | Scandi Heritage Animals Christmas Tree Ornaments | Stacked Wood Trees | Snowflake Paper Tree Topper | Faux Juniper Garland | Cottage Natural Fair Isle Christmas Stocking | Wooden Bead Christmas Tree Garland | White Ceramic Holiday Houses | Sweater Gnome Ceramic Mugs

Eclectic Christmas Decor Style

Eclectic Christmas decor is associated with a bright color palette, kitschy items, . Sometimes you’ll see it referred to as “boho Christmas decor”, but I’d argue that bohemian and eclectic aren’t always one in the same.

Some examples of Eclectic Christmas decor items include tinsel, peppermint candy items, brightly-colored light bulbs, embroidery, jewel tones, tassels, and colored Christmas trees. You can find eclectic Christmas decor at stores like Anthropologie, World Market, and your local thrift store.

eclectic christmas decor style

Sisal Christmas Bottle Brush Tree Set | Knit Striped Christmas Stocking | Musical Christmas Novelty Wreath | Festive Faux Fur Pillow | Corded Stripe Ball Garland | Featherly Friends Fabric Bird Christmas Figurine Set | Wood Gingerbread House

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