4 Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Your Toddler

Christmas becomes much more magical once kids are in the picture. Now that Henry is old enough to understand and enjoy Christmas, we’re starting to involve him more into the decorating process (you can totally tell which ornaments he hung vs. the ones I did, haha!)

Here are 4 ways to decorate for Christmas with your toddlers. What other traditions do you do with your kids during the holiday season?

Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Your Toddler

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Buy a Mini Tree and Let Them Decorate It

One way to let your toddler in on holiday decorating is to buy them a mini Christmas tree and let them decorate it. They’ll feel like they’re helping and it lets them choose their own ornaments that fit with their likes (this way, your regular tree won’t be decked out in Bluey ornaments or a dinosaur tree topper — unless that’s your vibe). Keep the tree right in their bedroom so they can wake up and see it every morning.

mini christmas trees for toddlers

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Count Down With an Advent Calendar

Christmas is a month-long affair if you make it that way, and one easy way to do this is with an advent calendar. Advent calendars give your toddler a little treat each day, and gives them something to look forward to at the beginning (or end) of each day as they count down to the big day. There are so many to choose from now, including ones with chocolates, toys, or paper goods.

advent calendars for toddlers

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Revamp their bedroom

Break out the holiday-themed sheets, blankets, and pillows for the month of December to add a holiday touch to your toddler’s bedroom. It’s also the perfect time to showcase the holiday gifts you receive that you can’t display year-round, like that Santa stuffed animal from Grandma or the Christmas tree night light (which I kind of want for myself if we’re being honest…)

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Add Christmas Themed Books to Their Collection

Swapping out the usual bedtime stories for a Christmas-themed one makes bedtime more fun! Almost every children’s book “series” has a special Christmas version available for purchase. I also love the personalized books you can get with your child’s name in them (some of these even let you personalize with their face or a cartoon version of them).

christmas books for toddlers

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