Summer Trend: Rosette Clothing & Accessories

If you were to look at my middle school or junior high wardrobe, chances are you’d find a few rosette clothing pieces. The rosette fashion trend was popular in the 2000’s and is making it’s way back around (as all trends seem to), but with a more mature twist.

When I think of rosettes, I think of Carrie Bradshaw and Macy’s homecoming dresses of my youth. The rosette trend of today is sexier and more modern vs. the youthful style of the 2000’s. It’s a way to add a feminine touch to any outfit and you can tone down the girly touch with the shades you choose (whites, blacks, and deep reds vs. bright pinks, for example).

Here are a few of my favorite rosette clothing pieces ranging from fancy dresses to summery sandals.

rosette clothing trend

Rosette Scuba Sheath Dress | Alix Rosette Halter Top | Rosette Strapless Crepe Dress | Darly Embellished Rosette High Heel Sandals | Petit Moments Rosette Studs | Rosette Tie | Floral Bikini Set | Este Tube Top with Rosettes | Rosette Satin Bag

how to wear the rosette trend

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How to Wear the Rosette Trend

Dress Up a Plain Tee or Tank

IT can be easy to overdo the rosette trend and end up looking like your backyard garden. An easy way to avoid this it to pair the rosette clothing item with something super simple like a white tee or simple pants. As a general rule of thumb, limit the rosettes to just one large one or a few small ones to make the proportions work.

Wear a Rosette in Your Hair

Last season was all about the bows as a hair accessory, but this season is all about the rosettes! Use a large one to secure your ponytail or place a few small bobby pins along your hairline with a rosette accent. You can even DIY your own hair accessories with rosettes you’ll find at any craft or fabric store.

Belt It

Placing a rosette around your waist is a flattering way to draw attention to your outfit. You can opt for a rosette belt for ease, or pin one yourself to a solid-colored dress, top, or skirt. To really make it stand out, opt for a color that is different from the base (like the photo above which shows a neon yellow rosette on a pale pink satin dress).

Go Big or Go Home

The rosette trend is one where you can go big in terms of size and still get away with it. If it’s the one standout element in your outfit, there’s nothing wrong with going big. A large rosette that takes up the majority of space on your torso, for example, will hide problem areas like a tummy (if you’re looking to hide it, of course).

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