Summer Trend: Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves were one of those trends I was scared to wear at first for fear it would overwhelm my short frame. But the key to nailing this look is to find the right piece and styling it appropriately. For me, I find that I need to wear my hair down and choose a top that’s structured in the waist to pull off the puff sleeve trend. I also opt for thinner, breezier fabrics since any fabric that is too thick just adds volume to my frame that I don’t want there. But that’s just me!

Below are a few of my favorite puff sleeve blouses, tops, and dresses in prices for every budget.

puff sleeve trend

Lace Embroidered Blouse | Marella Linen Top | Puff-Sleeve Crochet Blouse | Mint Puff-Sleeved Top | Drama Puff Sleeve Sweetheart Top | Emerson Poplin Puff Sleeve Mini Dress | Navy Floral and White Shelby Tee | Lavena Top | Black Heirloom Blouse

How to Wear Puff Sleeves

how to wear puff sleeves

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How to Wear Puff Sleeves

Make sure your waist is accentuated

To balance out the puffiness on top, you want to keep the waist structured. If the top or dress is puffy all over, you’ll have no shape and look like a marshmallow (a cute, delicious marshmallow though!) You know best how to accentuate your waist — some of us like high-waisted pants while others add a belt to do so. You’ll need to adjust this based on if you have a short, regular, or long torso as well.

Keep your bottoms skinny or straight

The formula to any good outfit is to balance the proportions. So if your top is puffy, keep the bottoms sleek (and vice versa). You can’t go wrong by pairing your puff-sleeve top with a pair of skinny or straight jeans, pants, or shorts. Pants with a slight flare at the bottom (like a kick flare ankle style, for example) will work too. Just avoid anything too baggy or flared.

Keep your accessories minimal

With puff sleeves, you want to avoid going overboard with statement earrings or another attention-grabbing piece of jewelry or hair accessory. The puff sleeves should be the statement of the outfit on their own. Instead of focusing on jewelry, look for a cute pair of shoes to balance out the volume on top.

Stick to one color

A bold pattern and statement puff sleeves can be a bit much, so keeping the color palette to 1 or 2 colors will keep things balanced. We’re not saying the color has to boring, though! Experiment with bright colors or jewel tones for ultimate compliments.

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