Summer Trend: Cowgirl/Western Style

Whether it’s because of the popularity of Stagecoach or the release of Beyonce’s “Cowboy Carter”, the cowgirl/western style trend is here to stay this summer. When I think of the cowgirl/western style trend, the following details come to mind: crochet, denim, fringe, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, lace-up details, flowy mini dresses, paisley, prairie floral prints, suede, and leather accents.

To make things even more “interesting”, there are multiple takes on the trend, including cowgirl core, coastal cowgirl, and modern cowgirl. (I say “interesting” here since it seems like every trend has 10 different spin-offs and I just can’t keep up with Gen Z and their trends anymore).

Here is a round-up of some cowgirl/Western style women’s clothing pieces and accessories at all price points.

cowgirl western style trend

V-Neck Denim Vest | Levi’s 501 Original Chaps | Adrianna Lace Romper | Nashe Western Bootie | Stone Earrings | Small Fringe Crossbody Bag | Velvet Choker | Belt | Cowboy Hat

How to Wear the Cowgirl/Western Fashion Trend

The key to pulling off the trend is to choose a few western-style pieces so you don’t end up looking like a “Cowgirl” costume you’d find at Spirit Halloween. Here are some specific tips to pull off the trend.

how to wear the cowgirl western style trend

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Test Out the Trend with Accessories

If you don’t want to go full-on cowgirl, you can play around with this trend through accessories only. Think belts with a statement buckle, a cute pair of cowboy boots, turquoise and silver jewelry, and obviously a cowboy hat.

Start with a Basic

The key to not going overboard with the trend is to start with a basic piece. The basic can be a white tee, an embroidered dress, or a pair of timeless denim shorts. Then you’ll start to pair this with western style clothing or accessories and “layer” it on. Example combos can be a white tee + tiered maxi skirt + fringed bag + buckled belt or denim shorts + floral bandeau top + cowboy booties.

Incorporate Different Textures

To keep the trend interesting, layer in different textures. For example, pair a lacey dress with structured leather boots or try a suede fringe jacket with a cotton tee. This adds dimension to the outfit and elevates it beyond the basic “cowgirl” look that is a dime a dozen.

Embrace Neutrals

The western clothing trend features mostly browns, whites, and blacks. It’s not that color is a big no-no, but the focus on neutrals and muted colors is very much a part of this trend. The good news is that you can repurpose and mix and match the pieces since they’re neutral in color, so following this trend won’t leave you with unused pieces in your closet.

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