3 Handbag Styles I’m Loving

If you took a peek into my closet, you wouldn’t find too many handbags. I’m not one of those women who displays their designer purses in their living room (that’s really weird, right? Why do bloggers do this? How are their husbands okay with this?) I will invest in a handbag when needed, like one that I use for work or a clutch that I’ll bring to every wedding I attend. But in general, I’m not a handbag hoarder.

However, I still like looking. I like window shopping. I put things in my cart when online shopping with zero intent to ever buy them. Oops. So here are a few handbag trends that have caught my eye lately.

round handle handbags

Kate Spade Rock Road Mini SamKate Spade White Rock Road Luxe Mini Sam |  Kate Spade White Rock Road Sam

Round Handle Bags

I love these round-handle bags because you have the option to use the handle or the attached chain. It’s like getting two bags in one! Something about them is very feminine and dainty, too.

floral handbags

Kate Spade Daisy Lane Sam  |  Kate Spade Washington Square Mega Sam  |  Kate Spade Cameron Street Daisy Garden Clarise

Floral Printed Handbags

I have a lot of floral items. Almost too many. Floral tops, dresses, you name it. So it’s no surprise these floral-printed or appliqued purses caught my eye. Perfect for spring/summer and will probably never go out of style.

pastel handbag trend

Kate Spade Cameron Street Pippa  |  Kate Spade Make it Mine Byrdie  |  Kate Spade Cameron Street Clarise

Pastel Handbags

A pastel colored bag is a fun alternative to the typical nudes and browns in your closet. Or is that just me? I’m guilty of always option for something more neutral, but these pastels seem easier to pull off than a bright, bold color.

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